Welcome to K9 Pets

We specialized in canine as pets. We talk DOGS only.

Yes, with our years of experience in working with dogs – breeding, puppies up- bringing, conditioning, training and showing.

We share our personal experience with you on the breeds and products we know best.  We provide premium quality of dog and cat food, as well as accessories, services, supplements, imports and also all levels of dog training.

Come talk to us on your need of having a puppy for your child or to get a fully-trained, personal protection dog or top winning dog, we will get it for you with-in your budget. We will follow up with services as well as all level of training either in group classes or personal one-to-one home training.

All products sold at K9 Pets are tested and used on our own dogs before we recommend it to you.
We are so confident with our products and services that we have been giving to our customers our NO question asked, money back guarantee for their satisfaction.
The solution to your canine problems is just to CONTACT US at K9 Pets Sdn. Bhd.


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